Michael Lee (b. 1972, Singapore) is an artist based in Singapore. He researches urban memory and fiction, especially the contexts and implications of loss. He transforms his observations into diagrams, models, environments, events or texts. Among his curatorial projects is “what it is about when it is about nothing” (2015) held in Mizuma Gallery, Singapore. He is currently researching on the mood of Singapore’s art scene.



2002 Certificate in Basic Creative Writing, LASALLE-SIA College of the Arts, Singapore

2001 Master of of Communication Studies, Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Singapore

1997 Bachelor of Communication Studies (2nd Upper Honours), NTU, Singapore



2018 "Installation in Progress", Curve @ Singapore Art Museum, Singapore

2018 "Creatif Compleks", Vitrine, Centre for Contemporary Arts Singapore, Singapore

2014 "Machine For (Living) Dying In", Yavuz Fine Art, Singapore 

2013 "Michael Lee: Some Detours", Künstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin, Germany 

2012 "M-trospective: Michael Lee's First Decade 2001-2011", Studio Bibliothèque, Singapore 

2012 "Revision Exercise 002", Art Stage Singapore, Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

2011 “Michael Lee”, Chan Hampe Galleries booth, Art Stage Singapore, Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

2010 "Lost City and Other Stories", Hanart Square and Hanart TZ Gallery, Hong Kong

2008 "A Psychotaxonomy of Home", Baba House, Singapore

2004 "When a Body Meets a Building", Alliance Francaise de Singapour, Singapore



2019 “Suddenly Becoming Visible”, National Gallery Singapore

2019 “ONLY CONNECT: Osaka”, Creative Center Osaka, Japan

2019 “Bridges of Time”: i Light 2019 Bicentennial Edition, Cavenagh Bridge, Singapore

2018 “Placing Home: Woodlands”, Woodlands Stadium, Singapore

2018 "Glossary of Common Terms", Baba House, Singapore

2018 "Two Houses: Politics and Histories in the Contemporary Art Collections of John Chia and Yeap Lam Yang", ICA Singapore

2018 "Eden", ZARCH Gallery, Singapore 

2017 “Building Agency: Archifest 2017”, Singapore Botanic Gardens, Singapore

2017 "[Title To Be Confirmed]", Kunstraum Potsdam, Potsdam, Germany

2017 "Listening to Architecture", National Gallery, Singapore

2017 "Radio Malaya: Abridged Conservations About Art", NUS Museum, Singapore

2016 "Unlimited Space: Re-imagination of Everyday Life", starprojects, Hong Kong

2015 "Mind the Gap: Mapping the Other", National Library Board Building, Singapore

2014-15 "Once Upon This Island", Singapore Art Museum, Singapore

2014 "The Part in The Story Where a Part Becomes a Part of Something Else", Witte de With, Rotterdam, The Netherlands 

2014 "[The Machine] Contemplating the Body", Singapore General Hospital Museum, Singapore

2014 "The 8th Shenzhen Sculpture Biennale", OCAT Shenzhen, China 

2014 "Thinking of Landscape: Collection of Yeap Lam Yang", ICA Singapore

2013-5 "Between Here and Nanyang: Marco Hsu's Brief History of Malayan Art", NUS Museum, Singapore

2013 "Tokyo Art Meeting (IV): Bunny Smash, Design to Touch the World", Museum of Contemporary Art, Tokyo, Japan

2013 "Resort", Bangkok Art and Culture Center, Bangkok, Thailand

2013 "World in Miniature: Zhang Hong and Michael Lee", Museum of Asian Art, Berlin, Germany

2013 "The Artist, the Book and the Crowd", The Substation, Singapore

2013 "Fail Again", Souterrain, Berlin, Germany

2013 "The Realm in the Mirror, the Vision out of Image", Suzhou Jinji Lake Art Museum, China 

2013 "Home Stories", Villa 102 (Former Literaturhaus), Frankfurt Am Main, Germany 

2013 "Encountering the Unknown", Fukuoka Asian Art Museum, Fukuoka, Japan

2012 "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep: The Paradox of Choice in a Time of Anxiety", Para/Site Art Space, Hong Kong

2012 "Safe Place In The Future II", Jim Thompson Art Center, Bangkok, Thailand

2012 "The 3rd Kuandu Biennale", Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts, Taipei, Taiwan

2012 "There Can Be No Better World", Museum of Contemporary Art & Design, Manila, The Philippines

2012 "Variable Truth", 4A Centre for Contemporary Asian Art, Sydney, Australia

2012 "What a Wonderful World", Hiroshima City Museum of Contemporary Art, Hiroshima, Japan

2011-2 "The 2nd Signature Art Prize Finalists Exhibition", Singapore Art Museum, Singapore

2011 "Utopias: Michael Lee and Bob Matthews", National Museum, Singapore

2011 "The 2nd Chungking Youth Art Biennale", Chungking Art Museum and Museum of Sichuan Fine Arts, Chungking

2011 "The 2nd Asia Triennial Manchester", Chinese Art Center, Manchester

2011 "The 4th Guangzhou Triennial", Guangdong Museum of Art, Guangzhou

2011 "Wedding", Para/Site Art Space, Hong Kong

2011 "The 3rd Singapore Biennale", Old Kallang Airport, Singapore.

2010 "The 8th Shanghai Biennale", Shanghai Art Museum, Shanghai, China

2010 "Cheong Soo Pieng: Shock of the New", The National Art Gallery, Singapore @ Singapore Art Museum, Singapore

2010 "At the Crossroad", National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, Taichung, Taiwan

2010 "Shifting Topography", Hanart Square, Hong Kong

2010 "The Problem of Asia", Chalk Horse Art Center, Sydney, Australia

2010 "Unspeaking Engagements", Lanchester Gallery, Coventry, England

2009 "Whose Exhibition is This?", Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Singapore (with Tang Ling Nah)

2009 "Lost in the City", National Museum, Singapore

2009 "Curating Lab: 100 Objects (Remixed)", HT Contemporary Space, Singapore

2009 "Unspeaking Engagements", Chulalongkorn, Bangkok, Thailand

2008 "A-Z, 26 Locations to Put Everything", Asia Art Archive, Hong Kong

2008 "The 3rd Guangzhou Triennial (Independent Projects section)", Guangdong Museum of Art, Guangzhou, China

2008 "-bok", 1aspace, Hong Kong

2008 "Hong Kong Anarchitecture Bananas: Artists Who Reclaim Space", Artist Commune, Hong Kong

2007 "Building Conversations: Michael Lee & Nadia Bhamadhaj", Singapore Art Museum, Singapore

2007 "city_NET Asia (Singapore Pavillion)", Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul, South Korea

2007 "Focus Automatically", Museum of Suzhou Art & Technology Institute, Suzhou, China

2007 "Labryinth", Art & Knowledge Space, Beijing, China

2007 "14QK: Art responds to 14K", Para/site, Hong Kong

2007 "WE", National University of Singapore Museum, Singapore

2007 "From Words to Pictures: Art During the Emergency", S'pore Art Museum, Singapore

2006 "Beneath the Pavement: Discovering the City", S'pore Art Museum, Singapore

2005 "Asian Traffic (Singapore pavilion)", Jendela, Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay, Singapore

2005 "The 2005 World Exposition (Singapore pavilion)", Aichi, Japan

2004 "SENI Singapore: Art and the Contemporary", Singapore Art Museum, Singapore

2004 "VIDEO AS URBAN CONDITION videoPOOL", Vargas Organisation, London

2004 "Reconstruction of a City", St. James Power Station, Singapore

2003 "Sensitive Parts", Plastique Kinetic Worms, Singapore

2001 "Nokia Singapore Art 2001 (Curated section)", S'pore Art Museum, Singapore

2001 "Deriving Spaces", Plastique Kinetic Worms, Singapore



2011 APBF Signature Art Prize (People's Choice Award), Singapore Art Museum, Singapore

2005 Young Artist Award (Visual Arts), National Arts Council, Singapore

1997 1st Prize (Experimental), United Film & Video Association Student Film & Video Competition, Philadelphia (co-awarded with William Phuan & Tan Chee Tat)

1996 Distinction, United Television Outstanding Video, Singapore (co-awarded with Chong Siew Hong)

1995 3rd Prize, All-School Students' Video Competition, NTU, Singapore

1988 1st Prize, Chinese Calligraphy Competition, Gan Eng Seng School, Singapore



2017-18 Residency, Centre for Contemporary Arts, Singapore

2012-13 Kunstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin (with grant from National Arts Council, Singapore)

2011 "A Little Light Magic", Peranakan Museum, National Heritage Board, Singapore

2010 Arts Creation Fund, National Arts Council, Singapore

2008-11 Commission, Integrated Art (Telok Blangah MRT Station - Circle Line), Singapore

2008 Young Artist Award 2005 Project Grant (for "The Consolations of Museology"), NAC, Singapore

2008 Project Grant (for "Preoccupations"), Hong Kong Arts Development Council, Hong Kong

2006 Exhibition Grant (for Txtrapolis), Lee Foundation, Singapore

2005 Commission, Rebranding Launch, Gallery Hotel – The Hotel That Inspires, Singapore

2005 Commission, Launch of New Drama Centre, National Library Board, Singapore

2004 Emerging Artist Grant (for "When a Body Meets a Building"), National Arts Council, Singapore

2004 Exhibition Grant, Lee Foundation, Singapore

2000 Travel Grant, Singapore Film Commission, Singapore

2000 Conference Grant, Nanyang Tech. University, Singapore

1998-2000 Full Scholarship for Graduate Studies, Nanyang Tech. University, Singapore



2018 “Mapping Our Lives”, The Plaza, National Library Board Building, Singapore

2018 “Got room, do things”, Goodman Arts Centre, Singapore

2016 "The 5th Singapore Biennale", various venues in Singapore (co-curated with 8 others, under the creative direction of Susie Lingham)

2015 "what it is about when it is about nothing", Mizuma Gallery, Singapore

2011 "Abject Systems: Artists Who Love the Unlovable", Studio Bibliothèque, Singapore 

2009 "Eniminiminimos: Artists Who Make Things Small II", Jendela, Esplanade - Theatres on the Bay, Singapore

2008 "Hong Kong Anarchitecture Bananas: Artists Who Reclaim Space", Artist Commune, Hong Kong (co-curated with Lee Chun Fung)

2008 "Eniminiminimos: Artists Who Make Things Small", Studio Bibliothèque, Hong Kong

2007 "Between, Beside, Beyond: Daniel Libeskind’s Reflections & Key Works 1989-2014", SAM, Singapore

2007 "Autobiobliophiles: Artists Who Make or Use Books", Studio Bibliothèque, Hong Kong

2006 "Appetites for Litter: 8th Emerging Artists Show", Plastique Kinetic Worms, Singapore

2005 "Txtrapolis: Contemporary Text-Based Art from Singapore", NAFA Gallery 3, Singapore

2004 "In the Flesh: Nude in Contemporary Art, NAFA", NAFA Selegie Gallery, Singapore (co-curated with Sim Kok Huoy and Tay Swee Siong)

2004 "WoodLand", Woodlands Regional Library, Singapore (co-curated with Ahmad Mashadi & June Yap)

2003 "Cinepolitans: Inhabitants of a Filmic City", Esplanade, Singapore (co-curated with Tang Ling Nah)

2001 "Eye-dentifying Peranakan Cultures", NAFA, Singapore (co-curated with Sim Kim Huoy and Hong Sek Chern)



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Guangdong Museum of Art, Guangzhou, China

National Gallery, Singapore

National University of Singapore Museum, Singapore

Singapore Art Museum, Singapore



Marc Bollansee, Brussells 

Johnson Chang, Hong Kong

William Lim, Hong Kong

Yeap Lam Yang, Singapore